Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes

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Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


As the instigator of football's black shoes, Nike has brought the all-black appearance of the Academy Pack football shoe set to the players who are advocating low-key. In this issue, let everyone enjoy the Magista. Obra II FG football shoes, a pair of all black boots that make you turn into a sneaker tester.


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


  • Exterior:


The original intention of Nike's "Academy Pack" college suit was to allow young players not to spend too much of their thoughts on the fancy color of shoes but to concentrate on improving their skills. After accustomed to the Magista Obra II boots with eye-catching hot zone patterns, having a black college color match is like a clear flow, giving you a sense of light.


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


  • Vamp:


Flyknit fleece uppers give this master-controlled boot an excellent upper feel and comfortable wearing feel. The integrated tongue and the improved shape of the dynamic midsole can not only bring a full range of package experience but also make the package of the ankle more in place. Add 3D peaks and valleys in the hot area of the upper to improve the sense of the touch of the feet, helping you to better control the ball under your feet. In order to ensure that the upper has good combat performance under any weather conditions, ACC Technology is also available on the upper.


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


  • Outsole:


The FG outsole with an annular stud arrangement clearly demonstrates Magista Obra II's mastery. The forefoot ring stud design is more suitable for the midfield players who are constantly turning and changing in the game. The design of semi-circular spikes combines the characteristics of knife nails and round nails, allowing the player to have better grip and flexibility. Sexual performance.


In addition to the powerful performance of the big bottom, Magista Obra II also joined the new Nike Grip technology, through the friction in the bottom of the insole to reduce the insole in the sliding shoes, so that you can concentrate on the game.


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


  • To sum up:


The comfortable and real-feeling Flyknit flying-weave upper is equipped with a dynamic cover-fitting mid-shoe collar that gives you better performance. The 3D peaks and valleys that enhance ball control and touch perception allow you to easily control the ball under your feet. The FG outsole with semi-circular studs and circular studs is clearly the best platform to demonstrate Magista Obra II's strength. Of course, there is a low-key, all-black color scheme. Whether you're a footballer who is ready to fly to the sky or an amateur player who's ridding the field, the black beast will help you play a more dominant role on the court. Force performance.


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack" Football Shoes


Nike Magista Obra II FG "Academy Pack"


Sneakers origin: Vietnam

Shoe type: control type

Upper material: Flyknit fleece upper

Outsole type: FG

Single weight: 228 g (JP280 size)

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